Cinematic summer with Kino Mediteran/History of cinema on Korcula island


For the fifth summer in a row Kino Mediteran, a traveling cinema aiming to restore movie repertoire in smaller towns throughout Dalmatia, will be back in Korcula offering an insight into European and world cinematography on a weekly basis from  July 23d till August 21, every Saturday and Sunday in Korcula’s  open air cinema.

Great summer program where organizers do not fall short of bringing a fine and fresh selection of movies that one is not so easy to come by.

Just to name a few titles among long and short films, Croatian and international selection, you will be able to enjoy under the summer night sky in Korcula:  the winner of this year’s Berlin Film Festival “Fuocoamare” by the famous documentarist Gianfranco Rosi,  “L’attesa” with an Oscar winner Juliete Binoche in leading role. As I Open My Eyes directed  by Leyla Bouzid, the winner of Mediterranean Film Festival Split and a film that has won the Europa Cinemas Label prize as best European film in the Venice fest’s independently run Venice Days section. Further, there will be a screening of  Mia Hansen—Løve’s Things to Come, the winner of Berlin’s silver bear and a screening of Mustang, the winner of prizes in Cannes, Sarajevo and Odessa. Full program and timetable of projections look up here.

The islands of forgotten cinemas

The movie relevant to the history of cinemas on Croatian islands which is part of a research that has been conducted on Korcula island by director Ivan Ramljak is The islands of forgotten cinemas. Holders of the narrative are six witnesses of the time remembering favorite films and events related to their viewing and screening experiences on an island which marked their lives.

Slikovni rezultat za kino otok

The results of the research conducted by director Ivan Ramljak and co-ordinated by Darko Fritz from Grey Area that preceded the making of a documentary about the lost film culture in the small villages on the Croatian islands during the second half of the last century tell us how Korcula had an extremely vivid film culture and developed network of cinemas with around 10! cinema halls across whole of island. Now, take into consideration we are talking about an island that at the time had a population of perhaps around 20 000 people, takes up an area of 279 km2 (108 sq mi); is 46.8 km (29.1 mi) long and on average 7.8 km (4.8 mi) wide.

Depending on which source you consult, but it looks like the first islands’ cinema opened in Vela Luka in 1909. or 1911. with film halls later on spreading all over the island where director Ramljak numbered them in island villages and places such as Blato, Čara, Pupnat, Smokvica, Račišće, Žrnovo, Lumbarda and in the city Korcula.

Today, there is only one year-round cinema in Korcula Town that, thanks to the development of technology and the digital age we live in, has the latest blockbuster screenings, often not even two days after the premiere in the capital.

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