Recap of summer 2016

Big greetings to everyone who patiently waited for the new, revamped and redesigned Time Spent In Korcula.

Since it’s been a while from the last blog entry, this will be a small recap of summer 2016 in Korcula, especially the last month of summer when Time Spent In Korcula was offline.  A short story would have it in this order – there was a lot of culture, a lot of music, exhibitions, movies, and lots of food!


What Time Spent In Korcula liked the best was Kino Mediteran film festival and programme curated by Grey Area contemporary gallery. There are a few video and sound documentations of this summer’s Grey Area events you can check online.


Improvisation for oscilloscope and Kaosspad by Ivan Marušić Klif. Free-jazz meets glitch! Manipulations of simple waveforms on analog oscilloscope and output to sound and six video projections at the ambience of the old city of Korčula. Part of the New Materialisms exhibition-in-progress.

Then, there was an event that Time Spent In Korcula is happy stayed recorded as an improvisation and play with found objects, violin, bell and drum, performed at The City Hall Amphitheater – //// Manja Ristić ~ violin, sound objects, built instruments & Tatiana Heuman ~ drums, sound objects, movement ///////.

Will need to mention at least two more events orchestrated by Grey Area. First is an exhibition  New Materialisms (Station 3.3) – Hrvoje Hiršl: Resonance (The Bell), an exhibition visited and experienced by more than 10 000 people over the course of two months.

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Exhibition  New Materialisms (Station 3.3) – Hrvoje Hiršl: Resonance (The Bell)

St. Peter Church, Korčula

Resonance (The Bell) is a sound installation that problematizes the relationship between an object, space and the audience. The resonant frequency of a pipe placed in the middle of the room is 140 Hz. Audio loudspeaker in the center of the steel pipe continually reproduces a 140Hz tone that stimulates the pipe to vibrate and produce its own tone. Vibrations of the pipe are interacting with the space, causing a sound reflection and changes in tone, depending on the visitor’s position in space.

And lastly, but not anything less importantly, and actually one of the first Grey Area events and lectures immensely enjoyed was a lecture by Armin Medosch, PhD, MA, Professor of Theory and History of Art and Media, curator and theoretician. He presented the ideas tackled in his recently published book “New Tendencies – Art at the Threshold of the Information Revolution (1971 – 1978)” (MIT Press, 2016, Later, he engaged in a conversation with Darko Fritz, curator of the gallery program of the Grey Area, who as an independent curator conceptualized so far the most comprehensive retrospective exhibitions on New Tendencies, an art movement that emerged in the early 1960s in Zagreb. Very interesting and even today, very contemporary movement and philosophy.


The summer 2016 started with World Music Day as a massive event organized all around the town, to be more precise on 7 different locations with more then 70 musicians and performers. On main Town square and in Town park during the summer performed some of the most famous and beloved Croatian bands while local bands performed as every year in local bars whole summer round. Jumping from Korčula to Orebić on Pelješac peninsula since it is a must to mention the performance of a Grammy award winning Roger Sanchez in newly opened Hookah Beach Bar. Latino Pellegrini aka Manipolato from Defora Records also organized quite a few underground electro parties around the island although it was all done a bit under the radar. That is how the cool people operate but Time Spent In Korcula does not miss to notice.

All in all, one can say the summer was really musical and eventful.  And now, let’s see what does Autumn and Winter have in store!

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