Bottled scents of the Mediterranean

There are a few products and brands that got an undivided attention and love of Time Spent In Korcula and you either trust us or go and check for yourself, the Kasiopea products that you can find in the old town of Korcula, in Žitnica street (map here).
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Think of all the glorious and invigorating Mediterranean smells and scents, bottled and in a form of body oils, hair oils, creams, face exfoliants…Truly, 100% all natural beauty products made primarily of herbs and plants grown and found in Croatia and on Korcula island: walnuts, olives, sage, lavender, St. John’s Wort, honey, bee wax… Ingredients that make up wonderful beauty products are to be found mostly on the estate of family Škrinjar that stands behind this wonderful brand and is very passionate about creating world class product. And in our opinion, they are doing it extremely well!

Maja Škrinjar of the family Škrinjar is the main magician and sorceress behind all these, as Time Spent In Korcula finds, truly outstanding and remarkable beauty products that are soothing to both, body and mind.

So, what has Maja knowingly and lovingly mixed while on her mission to make the world a more beautiful place? Our favorite beauty routine that brings us back to life every time her shop opens, and sets us up in a mood for summer, taking the weary and dark winter moods and clouds away is a combination of two products – Sea Salt Bath Peeling and Body Oil.

Sea Salt Body Peeling

Sea salt body peeling removes dead, dry, dulling cells that are holding on, revealing the fresher, younger skin cells beneath. This shedding of the outer layer unclogs pores, keeps skin clean, and helps reduce acne breakouts. Also, the layer of dead, dry cells acts as a barrier to beneficial skin serums and moisturizers. Once this layer is removed, skin absorbs other skincare products such as serum and moisturizer more effectively. And there cannot be better and more irresistible moisturizer than the body oil that comes closest to awaking the goddess within – oil as a combination of almonds, grape seeds, olive oil and a few essential oils. These two products together, in our experience, make up a pair of great and effective rejuvenation, anti-stress and anti-depression tools.


Further, an edible product, for those with a sweet tooth, Immortalis mellis (honey and cinnamon), great for detox and metabolism, incredibly tasty, perfect as a pancake spread!

Immortalis Mellis

As far as the creams go, depending on your skin type and what you are looking for out of a cream you can choose between Walnut, Sage or St’John Worth Velvet Cream. Not to forget to mention Mint or Chamomille face exfoliant.
Maja always likes to point out to Kasiopea’s natural deodorant too, and praises it as a great product with the combination of ingredients of beeswax, olive oil, baking soda and eucalyptus working without closing the pores or blocking the natural processes in your body. Baking soda raises the level of oxygen on the skin and acts as an antiseptic so it prevents the growth of bacteria that cause bad odors.


So many products in a lovely and brightly decorated and smelling shop in Korcula Old Town where you can stop in to freshen up your body and spirit.

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If Korcula is not on your itinerary this summer or if during the winter you start aching for scents of the summer on the Mediterranean, there is a Kasiopea online shop with worldwide delivery

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