Contemporary Life Of Centuries Old Moreska Sword Dance


An inseparable part of Korcula’s identity and of generations of young men who play this centuries-old sword dance that was once played across the Mediterranean but has now remained only in Korcula to be performed is definitely what you should see and experience when in Korcula.

The story revolves around the beautiful girl, Bula, who is in love with the White king, but she ends up being kidnapped by the Black king. The battle of two kings and their armies for the hand of Bula is in a form of a very demanding dance with swords.

moreska korcula, projekt zivi rasti cvitaj, rolin humes
Moreška. Photo: Davor Rostuhar

Moreška has already been staged with a unique baroque music for the occasion of Korkyra Baroque Festival, and what now remains is Saturday, July 8 where Moreška will go rock as part of a project ‘Live, Grow, Flourish’ with a strong social component where it aims to encourage cooperation with various traditional and folk associations to bring attention to the neglected or fallen industrial spaces.  

The project has been initiated by a  pop/rock/blues quartet Rolin Humes, winners of the 6th Croatian Blues Challenge in Zagreb who then participated at   Memphis International Blues Challenge in 2015., and this year they represented Croatia at the European Blues Challenge in Denmark.

After seeing the baroque version of beloved and exciting Moreška, looking forward to witnessing yet another contemporary spin to the dance that can be traced all the way back to the year 1666., this time in front of an abandoned thermal power station next to the ferry port Dominče. There will be an organized shuttle service from the town’s east port to Dominče in time for the event.

If you will not be able to attend the event, visit Time Spent In Korcula on Facebook,  Saturday 8, at 9, 15 PM where if all technical things go well, will be a live transmission of the event.

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