Lastovo island – the essence of Dalmatia and island life


Youngest Croatian nature park and Croatia’s southernmost inhabited island due its isolation has preserved the pristine sights and what strikes is the preserved essence of Mediterranean.  From Vela Luka on Korcula island, we reached Lastovo by a 1,45-hour long ferry ride that added to an incredible feeling of a short, but immensely pleasurable a day and a half long stay on a neighboring island.

If you are looking for a place where you will party like mad, then maybe Lastovo will not be your cup of tea. You go to Lastovo to breathe, to swim, to dive, to talk to locals, to explore magnificent nature, to kayak, trek, ride a bicycle… To simply stop for a minute and relax, to enjoy the color of the sea or in the evening to enjoy one of the brightest lit skies in Europe.


Lastovo archipelago consists of 46 surrounding islands and islets, 46 fields, 46 small churches and 5 villages on a total area of 53 km2 and 143 km2 of the sea surface. It is 10 km long,  5,8 kilometers wide. On the island itself, there is around 200 km walking paths. During the best of times, Lastovo was inhabited by 3000 people, but today there are maybe 600 to 700 people residing whole year round.


Lastovo can be reached by ferry boats and catamaran boats from Split, Dubrovnik and Vela Luka on Korcula island. Check all the timetables and connections here. For those who are sailing the Mediterranean, put Lastovo on your sailing route. You will not regret it!


If your schedule permits, the best thing to do is to rent a scooter or car, and visit all five villages. Even better, rent a boat and discover as much as possible of Lastovo’s many bays and coves. If you are tight with schedule try to make it to Lučica, the last preserved example of a Baroque fishing settlement in this part of Dalmatia. In Skrivena bay, you can enjoy the sight of Struga lighthouse, the second-oldest lighthouse in the Adriatic. Rača cave as a protected geomorphological nature monument also would be a must see. Furthermore, once in Lastovo village, take a stroll through its streets before the sunset, visit Stranj ethnographic gallery to see how did the people live before. But above all, just chill, relax, swim, and enjoy magnificent nature that Lastovo has to offer. For that matter, Lastovo has one of 10 most attractive locations for scuba diving in Europe – Bijelac.


Pasadur bay is where the only hotel in Lastovo, Hotel Solitudo, is situated, as well as Pansion Mariza, our welcoming hosts who if you book an accommodation with them, offer one boat ride gratis. Otherwise, check the Lastovo Tourism Board listing for accommodation in all 5 villages and bays on Lastovo island.  If you fancy staying in a lighthouse, you can book a stay in lighthouse Struga too!







Note: Lastovo as nature park does not have an official entry. You can buy tickets from park’s staff on their daily visits to Lastovo bays.

Check Korcula island ferry and catamaran boat connections and plan your day excursions or further trips to neighboring islands and places.  And of course, get in touch to share your experiences in this part of Dalmatia!



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