Houses on sale

Evergreen island Korcula, abundant with beautiful nature spots in form of bays, beaches, caves, and even forests; interesting history that never stops to amaze and surprise;  family oriented, but with enough parties and cultural happenings going on; vivid communal life; high insulation that on some years can reach up to 2880 hours; good wine and food..Just to name a few reasons why Korcula can be an  interesting place to consider if one is thinking of retiring on a Dalmatian  coast or is just looking for a summer house. Mind you, some houses that are on sale can turn into a profitable business too if one is keen to have one.

Family house/Bed&Breakfast/Hostel?

Around 9 kilometers away from Korcula Town, Kneža bay is laid by the sea, and for cycling enthusiasts part of their regular tours once on the island. Peaceful, quiet and charming, do we need to say? The next house on the list is a three storey house in Kneža bay, 30 meters from the waterfront, with all papers and ownership clear. Each storey takes up to around 120m2. There is a small garden with it, storage area, big rainwater water tank, parking space.. At the time being, two ground level apartments are being rented out to tourists. The owners are retired and are looking to buy something smaller as the house is too big for their needs. The house would need some investment but in right hands they believe, it can turn into a good investment and profitable business if the buyer would turn it into a small bed&breakfast, boutique hotel or similar. All papers clear. You can choose to visit the place first, book a holiday in the house and see if it is something you could actually consider buying. Apartments to be rented check here and here.

Holiday House in Račišće

12 kilometres away from Korcula Town, situated in so called ‘pirate’s bay’ Račišće, this house is ideal for modern day Robinson Crusoes who still like all modern touch and feel, but like in the old days, like to have their house positioned on a hill so they have a good view of everything that is happening in the channel. Three bedrooms, three bathrooms, big outdoor patio, a house that breaths. That would be the short description. Although this house is not exactly by the sea, the views, the spaciousness of both interior and exterior, make up for that. Note though how back in the days, houses on hills were valued much more. This is a lovely property for a family who likes inviting friends to stay at their summer holiday house, having an active holiday exploring the island while enjoying relaxing evenings or day barbecues. All papers clear. The house is being rented out to tourists during the summer, so you can perhaps book a holiday and see how it feels?

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